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(Adapted from the writings of Anne Sexton)


Exclusive Play Sanctioned by Linda Sexton and the Sexton Estate

All Rights Reserved

For more information contact:

Marilyn Campbell-Lowe & Linda Laundra


Chicago, IL

One-Woman Show w/Jazz piano

w/Fred Simon

(available for hire)

Scheduled for 2020 NY Solo Festival

(Cancelled due to Covid)


Sacramento, CA
A Must See!  Absolutely riveting!
Studio Festival of New Plays
Directed by Dan McCleary
(Artistic Dir. TN Shakespeare Co.)
Lenox, MA



Glencoe, IL
Directed by Kate Buckley,
w/ Marilyn Campbell, Kymberly Mellen, 

               Mary  Beth Fisher

Jeff Recommended!


Storefront Theater, Gallery 57
Directed by Jessica Thebus
Chicago,  IL



Glencoe, IL
Directed by Michael Halberstam
Jeff Recommended!


Provincetown Playhouse, New York
Directed by Linda Laundra
Winner!  Villager Downtown Theater Award

Production History

“An experience not to be missed!  One of the joys of the season.  A beautiful, passionate, ecstatic celebration of a woman’s life.  It makes men better understand women and women better understand themselves.”  -- Clive Barnes, New York Post, 1981


“A life’s work celebrated with genius, urgency and humor.”  -- Jennifer Dunning, New York Times

“An engrossing portrait of contemporary woman brought to life with unquenchable humor that bubbles to the surface.  An attention holding, moving theatre piece!”  -- Women’s Wear Daily

ANNE SEXTON liked to arrive about ten minutes late for her own performances:  let the crowd work up a little anticipation.  She would saunter to the podium, (after finishing a vodka mist) light a cigarette, kick off her shoes, and in a throaty voice say, “I’m going to read a poem that tells you what kind of a woman I am, so if you don’t like it you can leave.”  Then she would launch into her signature poem, “Her Kind”. 

Winner! 1981 New York Villager
Downtown Theatre Award
“Best Production”


“The result is startlingly  beautiful; surprising, witty, informative, insightful and moving as only fine  poetry can be.”

                                                        -- The Villager, New  York

Press Quotes

“Extraordinary power and grace, a tremendous accomplishment.  The highest experience good theatre can produce. Lush, passionate performances … exquisite!”  -- Newsday



“Stunning tour de force of ineffable magic.  Powerful theatre!”  -- The Soho News



“Touching, funny, ironic and occasionally savage!”

-- Christian Science Monitor



“Performed with impeccable grace and sensitivity.  Affection and openness bathes the theatre in a special glow!”  -- Home News, New York



“Imaginative and witty.”  -- Village Voice



“Touching and vivid.”  -- Associated Press


“A tour de force of writing.  In Laundra and  Campbell’s intelligent selection, Sexton’s language is clear and crisp, and her  images arrive on shock waves of recognition.  The triple-casting technique suits Sexton’s multiplicity of life-roles, demons and creative voices as well as  providing the ineffable magic that transforms mere talking into theater, powerful moments of theater, it composes a memorable event. The performances  insure that this Sexton samba is played not on one note but in rich, full  harmony.”  --SohoNews, New York


“Say hello to this fine Stranger.  Last night at  the Provincetown Playhouse there arose a curious yet fascinating play it is a  trio for three voices actually called My Own Stranger. It is culled  from the poems of Anne Sexton and it makes a beautiful theatrical event, one  that should prove among the joys of the season. This is a very passionate play, beautiful, even estatic, would perhaps serve better. My Own Stranger, which has been adapted from her writings by Marilyn Campbell [and Linda Laundra]  takes the poems and makes them into a celebration of a woman’s life. All three  women are remarkably good ... and the most wistful presence of Miss Campbell add  up to a composite portrait of a poet who, once read, and, here once seen, would  never have been forgot.  It makes men better understand women, and I suspect it  makes women better understand themselves. An experience not to be missed! --Clive Barnes, New York Post, 1981


“Laundra and Campbell’s softly  stirring adaptation of Anne Sexton’s writings from My Own Stranger took  on the shape of a string quartet (even featuring a violinist) as three actresses  represented the pivotal moments in one woman’s quest for identity the  actresses weave a delicate aural tapestry of memory, hope and self-fulfillment  under Jessica Thebus gracious direction.“ --Lucia Mauro, Estrogen Fest  2001



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