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Ms. Campbell has been adapting works of literature for the stage for decades.  For Writers Theater in Glencoe, she not only adapted three award winning plays but also adapted or co-adapted numerous scripts for "In The Heart of Winter" for many years, and countless scripts for benefits, private salon performances, fund raisers, church and synagogue events, weddings, garden parties as well as contributing to "A Minister's Wife," which was produced at Lincoln Center in 2010.  


For "Campbell and Mendoza: Conversations in Word and Song", Ms. Campbell has adapted four scripts:

"From The Heart," "In Just Spring," "Spellbound," and "Unwrapped."


For "The Feminist Lens," Ms. Campbell was the script writer (w/Maya Friedler) for all 11 shows aired on WFMT.  "Breaking The Silence"  won an Award of Excellence by the 2013 International Association of Women in Radio and Television, Oslo, Norway.  Currently working on a stage adaptation of Lived Through This


Ms. Campbell also co-wrote an original work with her daughter Maria Merrin, entitled "Mixing It Up".  First written and performed at the City of Chicago’s Storefront Theater for Estrogen Fest 2005, Mixing It Up  was described by the Chicago Tribune as “a spoken duet of humorous recrimination.” Encouraged by critical praise and audience response, Mixing It Up was developed into a 1 hour version and produced at the 16h Street Theater (dir. by Ann Filmer) in 2009. 


LIVED THROUGH THIS, a book by Anne K. Ream, adapted for the stage by Anne K. Ream, Marilyn Campbell-Lowe and Caity-Shea Violette

SKIN TRIP, an original work about interracial marriage and raising mixed kids in Chicago.

Performed for the 2018 Chicago Solo Festival.




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